Studying overseas and experiencing exotic culture has always been a dream of mine, that’s why I chose to come to Perth in Western Australia and study in Sterling Business College. I was looking for a school which can offer me some professional knowledge related to the studies I did back home in Poland and some kind of freedom for exploring this beautiful country. And I found it all in Sterling Business College and even more.

Studying there was an amazing experience for me. All teaching staff and administrative staff were always friendly, well-prepared and helpful. During studies I gained professional business knowledge and work experience. The mix of students from different parts of the world helped me to improve my English skills. The best thing was that this was not a huge campus, but small, friendly and locally owned, which was quite good because it allowed us to study in small groups where everyone were involved.

The studies were really flexible and it allowed me to work and study during my stay in Perth. Never had any problems and I was enjoying anytime I spent there. It was a pleasure for me to be a part of Sterling Business College and I would recommend it to anyone.