I lived in Perth for two years while I studied, it was an amazing experience. The safety within WA was awesome, the transport system was fantastic, not to mention the cleanliness and beautiful sceneries.

I believe the best thing about Sterling Business College is the teaching staff. They are very friendly and most of all very knowledgeable. I would rate their teaching style, professionalism and business ethics 10 out of 10.

The flexibility of the timetable allowed me to work and study simultaneously without having to neglect my studies. I am using much of what I learnt at Sterling in my current career, working for a global company within the Power and Energy sector. With my qualification from Sterling behind me, I am currently studying in South Africa towards my degree in the Business Management field.

I would recommend anyone, young or old, looking to further their studies to do so through SBC – for national or international students, it’s an awesome place.