Not only did I gain a diploma, my experience at Sterling gave me more confidence to deal with the world of work in this wonderful country.

After arriving in Perth, I attended an English school for several months, but my first true experience of studying in Australia came when I became a student at Sterling Business College.

In my home country of Italy, I completed all levels of school from College to the Master’s degree but never would have believed it possible for me to take courses in another language!

It was therefore such a pleasant surprise to find myself feeling immediately at ease with this new experience, in an environment so different from what I had experienced before.  The entire staff of Sterling Business College, whether in administration or the faculty, welcomed me so cordially and from day one presented the program and course content with great clarity and precision.

The Certificate IV, followed by the Diploma in Marketing, was a very appropriate choice for me. Attending all the classes and studying the materials with great attention enabled me to assimilate and process quickly all the important fundamentals of the various subjects, giving me a solid foundation that has been crucial for my current work.