The teaching staff at Sterling have sound knowledge in business and a friendly and helpful attitude. As an international student, “English” is always a kind of barrier.

Teachers at SBC have good interpersonal skills so that we can come out, or speak out without worrying much about English. The relatively relaxing timetable gives its student opportunities to work. Since we are studying about business, it is a good exercise to put ourselves in a working environment. Having a cup of coffee and talking to friends in the student common room was one of my favourite things. It’s a great thing because you can talk to people from all over the world!

Different nationalities here at SBC helped me to understand lots of different cultures. I am working in a family owned small winery in the Swan Valley as a Marketing Manager. I started working for a working experience. All I needed was 3 weeks, but I just kept going and going for now 4 and a half years later and I find myself being Marketing Manager. What I learnt in SBC is really helping in my job in every aspect. “Business College” sounds bit square, but Sterling organise some funky events such as Melbourne Cup Hat competition. I just loved this culture!