I would like to thank you for letting me have this great experience to study at Sterling Business College. I got to meet many fellow students from all over the world, not to mention the amazing teachers, who were very helpful and always so nice to us! It has been a very enriching experience.

Jana Koudova from Czech Republic

At Sterling Business College I was impressed about how they can have a very professional team in a very easy going, laid back environment. The staff was always helping out with any needs we had, being available to personally discuss any issues, knowing each and every student by name.

Gustavo Boisson from Brazil

I never studied in a foreign language before, I never studied Management before and I never thought about vocational training before, so, as you can imagine, I was a bit worried before starting this new adventure. Classic fear of the unknown.

Well, now I can say that I’m having one of the best experiences in my life.

Giovannimaria Busetti from Italy

This is a congratulations to SBC for the fantastic learning environment and celebrations that you make us aware of. I love the atmosphere and all the people that attend and run Sterling Business College. Being Australian I now, know I took things for granted compared to international students. It is a Fantastic Place to Learn.

Jackie Anderson from Australia

The teaching staff at Sterling have sound knowledge in business and a friendly and helpful attitude. As an international student, “English” is always a kind of barrier.

Teachers at SBC have good interpersonal skills so that we can come out, or speak out without worrying much about English. The relatively relaxing timetable gives its student opportunities to work. Since we are studying about business, it is a good exercise to put ourselves in a working environment.

Aki Takeda from Japan

I lived in Perth for two years while I studied, it was an amazing experience. The safety within WA was awesome, the transport system was fantastic, not to mention the cleanliness and beautiful sceneries.

I believe the best thing about Sterling Business College is the teaching staff. They are very friendly and most of all very knowledgeable. I would rate their teaching style, professionalism and business ethics 10 out of 10.

Lou-Ann Davenhill from South Africa

I have been studying Certificate IV Graphic design at Sterling Business College. This course covers quite a wide area, which you need to work in this industry.

Currently I am doing work experience at a graphic design studio in Subiaco. The briefings with my trainer (who is the owner) include designing a wedding invitation, company logos and brochures, etc. I get feedback from my trainer and am gaining further skills while having fun.

Megumi Morihiro from Japan

Studying as a mature aged student at Sterling Business College was for me a great experience. The college has a balance of both International and local students, knowledgeable and friendly staff, plus the classes are kept to a minimum, making it more personal and a welcoming learning environment and not to mention the new friends I have made. Thank you SBC I’m on my way to an exciting career in the Travel industry.

Suzee Woods from Australia

Not only did I gain a diploma, my experience at Sterling gave me more confidence to deal with the world of work in this wonderful country.

After arriving in Perth, I attended an English school for several months, but my first true experience of studying in Australia came when I became a student at Sterling Business College.

Federico Paci from Italy

Studying overseas and experiencing exotic culture has always been a dream of mine, that’s why I chose to come to Perth in Western Australia and study in Sterling Business College. I was looking for a school which can offer me some professional knowledge related to the studies I did back home in Poland and some kind of freedom for exploring this beautiful country. And I found it all in Sterling Business College and even more.

Radek Dunaj from Poland

I was at Sterling doing the Advanced Diploma in Marketing. The course was good, the teachers were amazing. One of the good things about the business course is that we can directly apply it to the work place, more hands-on and that’s why I did it.

Vini Arbach from Brazil

In the past 18 months at Sterling Business College, I studied the Certificate IV in Tourism and recently completed the Diploma of Management. During my time here, I found it really interesting to meet so many nationalities in one class – it was a great chance to learn about other cultures.

Barbora Novakova from Czech Republic


I recently completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services at Sterling. I love everything about Perth from the weather to the food, the different people you meet and the great quality of life. There is plenty of work available in Perth and I enjoyed my part time job.

Amy Kelleher from Ireland

I have studied Management in Sterling College and I’m really happy with my choice. School is located in the centre of the city with easy access to it. They have there great lecturers and receptionist who knows each student and greet them in the door.

Anna Stasiak from Poland

I would like to recommend Sterling  Business College as a perfect place to study if you decide to come an do your study here to Perth in Western Australia, the reason why is simple, this place absolutely breaking the stereotype that study always have to be boring and hard. But not in Sterling Businesses  College.

Marcin Urbanski from Poland

The staff at the Sterling Business College are all very helpful and kind, it made the day and mornings more enjoyable going in to a smile and a pleasant greeting (also the cupcakes).

Annaleise Roche from Australia