Sterling Business College has a supportive network of people to make your time at our college productive and enjoyable. Our dedicated staff are focussed on your success. We are all dedicated to providing the best experience for our students.

Sterling Business College trainers are chosen because of their strong commitment to their industry area and their wealth of industry expertise. They are professionals with experience and qualifications in both training and in their specialised subject areas – giving them a wealth of current information, industry contacts and information to relate.

Janelle Dawson



As a trained educator of many years in both the public and private sectors of the training and education industry, with a passion for vocational training, I am so proud to be the owner and managing director of Sterling Business College. Sterling has an excellent reputation, both locally and overseas, as a leading training organisation and a provider of first-class quality training and assessment.

Lucy Westerside

Student Services and Administration Manager

Lucy 2

I have worked in the Administration field with RTOs for a number of years and am glad to have found my place with Sterling Business College.

Perth is a great city (I have lived here my whole life!) and there are so many opportunities for people to grow and develop their skills and knowledge here – all while having some fun!

I enjoy the large mix of cultures and nationalities of both the students and staff at SBC. There is always something new for us to learn and Sterling ensures that our students are well prepared for the workplace.

Justine Brooks

Trainer and Assessor  – Areas of specialisation: Travel, Customer Service


With over 20 years experience in the Travel industry working both in the UK and Australia, has enabled me to travel extensively which is a huge passion of mine. Being able to meet people from different countries and varying cultures is so fulfilling and Travel to me is what life is all about.

It’s a great industry to work in and at Sterling Business College courses are industry focussed. This gives  students the head start to gaining a rewarding career in this fast paced and exciting industry!!

Ric Burkitt

Senior Trainer and Assessor  – Areas of specialisation: Visual Arts, Graphic Design


I enjoy the interaction of local and international students at the college, the way they learn from each other and about each other. It’s a great cultural mix! The arts are part of a creative, vibrant industry that never stops evolving and which links into other areas like multimedia and web design.

I particularly enjoy the hands-on nature of vocational learning. Students work on practical projects aimed at increasing their overall skills. At Sterling the students are friendly and staff are very easy to work with.

Andrew Fernandez

Trainer and Assessor  – Areas of specialisation: Graphic Design, IT


As a Graphic Designer with 30 years’ experience in Advertising, Multimedia and Desktop Publishing, I have in recent years, been specialising in print media, content creation and website development.

Perth Technical College is where I completed a Dip. of Graphic Design, photography and drawing being my best subjects. As technology was becoming more prevalent in the early years of my career, I decided to complete a Dip. of Business Programming to further enhance my computer knowledge and skills. This not only gave me an advantage in the workplace, but also allowed me to pursue different career options.

I’ve trained staff onsite and in the work place, developing their knowledge of business products or to help them navigate processes and procedures required to fulfil staff work obligations.

The one thing that has always been a constant in my life is Graphic Design, and I seem to be drawn back to it time and time again. Sterling Business College has opened a door, allowing me to pass on my knowledge and skills in Graphic Design, which I fully intend to take advantage.

Luke Fernandez

Trainer and Assessor – Areas of specialisation: Business, Leadership and Management, Marketing and Communication


I have a legal background and over 15 years of management experience, and now consult in the cosmetic medical and digital health space. I have been training in business management for over 7 years across sectors, ancillary to my consulting practice and have always found imparting real world business skills to my students extraordinarily satisfying, especially in organisations that are dedicated to their students and provide a collegiate learning environment for both staff and students.

I have found that SBC is such an institution that aspires towards excellence through continual improvement towards best practice. Leadership is a foundation to successful organisations. Being a part of an individual’s journey towards their own self-discovery (in business or otherwise) is tremendously satisfying and a great source of inspiration.

Sonia Garbellini

Trainer and Assessor – Area of specialisation: Early Childhood Education and Care


I have worked as a qualified Educator in Early education for over 13 years.  During this time I have been a coordinator of a centre and have seen many changes. I also have 4 years experience as a trainer and assessor.

During my time as an educator I have loved watching children grow and develop I strongly believe that every child is unique and that they are able to reach their full potential in life. I feel having this knowledge and experience in early childhood education is beneficial as a trainer as I can provide others to gain the experience and knowledge so that they can also help children in their care strive and become who they want to be in life.

I came to Sterling Business College because I found that all staff were welcoming and supportive.  During my time here I have felt I have learnt so much more and grown in just a short period of time.  The knowledge I have gained has just been an asset for me and I believe it will only help me to be a better trainer and educator.

Gary Gardner

Trainer and Assessor – Areas of specialisation: Business, Leadership and Management, Marketing and Communication


I’ve practised for over 30 years as a Chartered Accountant both in my own private consultancy and in corporate businesses. This has included roles as a director/shareholder of a diverse range of companies operating in international education, technology, financial planning and “brand driven” active lifestyle businesses.

I now enjoy combining my Chartered Accounting practice with teaching financial management and business planning related subjects at SBC.

Increasingly business is conducted on a global scale. SBC provides the facilities, resources and a practical environment where the interaction between international and local students allows an exchange of ideas and experiences that enhance the learning process for both students and trainers.

Lisa Innes

Trainer and Assessor – Areas of specialisation: Human Resources Management, Business


Lisa has joined us this year.

Blaise Louis

Trainer and Assessor – Areas of specialisation: Travel, Tourism, Leadership and Management, Business


With 33 years experience in Travel and Tourism I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and expertise to students. Tourism is one of the biggest growth industries worldwide and I have been fortunate enough to have worked both in Australia and overseas.

At Sterling Business College there is a lot of emphasis on the courses being current and relevant to the workplace, that is particularly important in Travel and Tourism where it is essential to equip students with skills required in a real work environment.

Homaira Naim

Trainer and Assessor – Area of specialisation: Early Childhood Education and Care


I have over 14 years’ experience working as qualified educator and coordinator in Early Childhood Education and Care and 18 months working as a trainer. I have enjoyed teaching children and caring for them and am looking forward to applying my skills as a trainer as it will enable me to assist students who are interested in gaining the knowledge and qualifications required to pursue a career in early childhood. I have also worked as a supervisor and educational leader to develop curriculum and high quality programs for children and support educators to develop professionally.

I believe that developing exceptional relationships with children enable effective learning and children being able to achieve their full potential. I have the opportunity to share my skills with students to ensure they facilitate a learning environment that secures a child’s sense of belonging.

I found Sterling Business College to be a supportive and diverse environment where everyone is respected and valued. They create positive opportunities for students to develop the skills required to work in the industry.

Liz Pilkington

Trainer and Assessor – Areas of specialisation: Graphic Design, Marketing and Communication

Liz 2

My industry knowledge of marketing and graphic design covers a variety of sectors including retail, print, insurance and hospitality. Following many years’ working in creative departments for both small and large organisations, I found my passion as a teacher whilst training the wider workforce.

I have experience with both traditional practices and digital platforms and my primary focus is on up-skilling learners to meet industry standards.

I have found SBC to be both warm and welcoming, with a team of well-qualified trainers and assessors. The environment is professional and provides learners with the tools and technology they require in a workplace.

Pavel Saj

International Marketing Co-ordinator


After working for many years in international education in Perth, I can and do appreciate the uniqueness of Sterling amongst other institutions I have worked for.

Well qualified trainers, college management style, advanced resources, as well as motivated students, make Sterling the leading vocational institution in Perth. A truly international college accommodating students from countries all over the world which gives me an opportunity to travel, work and build Sterling’s excellent reputation worldwide!