We have a great competition where we award a $500 gift voucher from a lucky draw at the end of each term to one of our students who has 100 percent participation.  The excitement increases as the weeks count down to the end of term.


Natalia from Colombia – Certificate III in Visual Arts

Lucy’s phone call took me by surprise, I was incredulous that I was the winner of the term’s 4 participation prize, such a joyful moment. Thank you Sterling College, it is very kind of you to have this price. It is a marvelous incentive.

I’m going to treat myself with this money and get my scuba diving certification. I love snorkeling, so it is a great idea to do so. I’m looking forward to diving in the reef before leaving Australia!.

I’m pretty sure the dive experience along with the incredible friends I have made in SBC will be one of the highlights of my Oz adventure.


Alejandro from Colombia – Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies


I was so surprised to get the wonderful phone call from Lucy telling me that I had won the Participation Reward for Term 3 2020. It is definitely a huge bonus going into term 4 with Christmas coming up!  Such a great incentive from SBC, thank you so much for giving me a much needed boost in paying for my Term 4 fees!

WINNER TERM 2 2020 – digital studies – all students were fabulous!


Cinthia from Brazil – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Prize winner term1 2020

This year is not being easy for literally everyone in the world. With all the bad news that was coming every day, I wasn’t expecting the great news which that call from Lucy would bring to me! Sincerely, I’d never thought that I could win this prize, that’s why I said to her ” Are you serious? Please, don’t play with me!” more than once. For now, I will save this money and wait for this bad days go away. Hopefully I will use it to visit Melbourne when everything is back to normal.

I want to thank all the SBC staff and teachers. That was an amazing term!


Jake from Australia  – Certificate III in Design Fundamentals

I received an email from Sterling Business College at the end of Term 4 of 2019 just after receiving my end of term marks. At first I thought there might have been a problem with one of my assessments. To my surprise Lucy had told me I received the $500 participation prize. I decided the $500 is best to go towards my next term at SBC. This allowed me to use some of my current saving to go towards my project of converting a bus into a tiny home on wheels.

My experience at SBC has been nothing but great! They have already helped me with my education in design and now are helping me turn a goal of travelling Australia into a reality.


Anastasia from Ghana – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

I was so surprised and I couldn’t hide my joy when I received a call from Lucy that, I am the winner for this term’s participation prize. All this money will go into buying gifts for my two beautiful daughters and my husband. I will like to thank SBC for this prize and also helping me put smiles on my family’s face.


Maria from Colombia – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

prize winner term 2 2019

I want to thank you to SBC for the prize I received. All of this money is to be spent on a good camera Nikon B500 so now I can take more pictures during my stay in Australia. Thanks again!


Deirdre from Ireland – Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

deirdre widescreen

I would like to say a huge Thank you to Sterling Business college . Receiving the participation prize for term one was a big surprise and really appreciated . I used it to take a fishing trip up North in Coral Bay for Easter! It was so good to be recognised for all the hard work and that is not something a lot of colleges do, so thank you to all the staff at Sterling for making it so enjoyable to show up and participate everyday!


Stephanie from England – Certificate III in Travel


Thank you so much Sterling Business College , this was a complete surprise and is greatly appreciated. As a single mum with two kids, Christmas time can be difficult. This is going to help out soooo much, now we will be able to have a great school holiday and be able to do heaps of fun activities Once again, thankyou-  you’ve made mine and my children’s day x


Valeria from Brazil – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management


I want to thank you SBC for the prize I received. It was a most surprise at a very important incentive for me. I used the prize to buy a laptop to help me with my study.


Fernanda from Brazil– Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management


First of all, I’d like to say that I was really surprised that I won the $500 prize for Term 2 2018 after 2 long years trying to get it and being completely honest, I had already given up! Hahaha

As it was a good surprise that I won the prize I decided to use the money to buy my flight ticket to go to Tasmania – as it is going to be a new challenge in my life in Australia.

A special thanks for all my friends who spent this time with me in Sterling and for the staff members for all their support.


Graziella from Brazil– Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Grazi Term 2 2018

I was completely focussed on finishing several assessments, when I received the call from Lucy saying that I was the winner of the $500 prize of Term 1 2018. I confess that I delayed to believe, so sensational that this news was!! Enjoyed my prize in Bali and recharged my energies for the next term. Thanks Sterling immensely for this incredible initiative and the wonderful Lucy for being such a sensitive and attentive person!


Annita from Zimbabwe – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care


Incoming call: “Lucy admin” (that’s how I saved the college’s contact details). I thought to myself  “What have I done now!”  l knew I had to stop whatever I was doing, and call her back. In her warm voice  she said ” You’ve won the $500 participation prize”. I was in disbelief – not anymore because I got the prize now.

All of this money is to be spent on Xmas presents for my two precious siblings,Oscar and Gugulethu. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them. I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you so much Sterling Business College, The months spent at Sterling have been so great so far, not to mention the Awesome Staff!


Loise from Kenya – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care


When I got a call from Lucy that I’m the winner for term 3 voucher, I was so excited and for my love of nature, I decided book an exquisite holiday. One to remember.

I’m glad I made the choice to join SBC. I’ve made awesome friends including Naom and Betty, my travelling partners. Together we’ve travelled to amazing places in Perth and around Australia.

Thank you Lucy, you are the best.  Janelle, a wonderful and great inspiration. With all your advice I will not forget you; and all my trainers, you made my stay at the college a wonderful experience.


Lina from Colombia – Diploma of Business


I’ve always said that with great effort comes great reward, and this time not only did I get valuable knowledge but also the opportunity to achieve one of my goals. Since I won the $500 price, I was able to buy a car!!

When Lucy told me that I had been the lucky one, I was shocked! Shaking and screaming! I was so excited!!

I would like to thank Sterling Business College for all you have given me: knowledge and amazing friends. Immense gratitude to Gary, Katherine, Blaise, Andrew, Luke and Liz for teaching me wonderful things; I really enjoyed your classes and learned a lot! I would also like to thank Lucy for the amazing service and help she provides all the students and Janelle for the guidance and support.

Thanks SBC!!


Vanessa from Brazil – Diploma of Marketing

prize6 (546x360) (2)

I might be a lucky girl. Janelle came to my class and said that I had won the $500 prize (as if I could pay attention to anything after that).

I remember calling my husband on the way home and putting my favourite song very very loud. I’m so grateful for that and It is not just because of the money but it is about everything that comes with it.

The excitement, the feeling of being recognized in a way, the breath that I took knowing that this would help me and finally choosing what I wanted to do with the money… It’s just priceless.

I spent my prize on a nice and deserved holiday with my husband. We went to Vietnam and Cambodia (dream trip) and had so much fun there. Seeing all the temples, doing crazy tours, learning about their culture, and creating these memories was fantastic.

Thank you, Sterling Business College for this wonderful gift and besides that, for your beautiful job that is teaching us how to become better professionals. I appreciate it.


Luiz from Brazil – Certificate III in Visual Arts


I took this photo after I arrived in Perth, a city that is bringing really good experiences for a graduate as a graphic Designer in Brazil. I decided to use the prize to pay my next term on the college to keep studying and improve my abilities in visual arts because I have had great experiences in the school. I think the abilities that I’m learning in the school will help me in my chosen career.


Alessio from Italy – Certificate III in Design Fundamentals


Thanks Sterling Business college for the prize, it is an awesome incentive for an already great quality course.

I was planning to go to the upcoming Bruce Springsteen concert in Perth. It will be the umpteenth time I’ll see Springsteen live but, thanks to the $500 prize, I have decided to surprise my girlfriend buying a ticket to her too and watching him together for the first time. Thanks again!


Jaco from Australia- Certificate IV in Design


I wanted to thank everyone at Sterling Business College for the $500 award. I want to spend my prize money on a new digital camera that I can use for class and for personal photos.


Robert from Czech Republic – Certificate III in Visual Arts


I want to thank Sterling Business College for nice prize draw of 500 dollars. I am a little geek, so with this prize I had the opportunity to buy one of the newest phones in the world and I am happy now, especially because my now old phone has been broken to thousand parts. 🙂


Carla from Italy – Diploma of Marketing

Carla for rewards poster

I am grateful to be the prize winner for term 4. It is my 3rd Term at Sterling:  I have completed a Management Diploma and I am currently studying Marketing. I would recommend Sterling for its multicultural environment and the quality education provided. The courses are interesting and the teachers are competent and inspiring. The $500 prize, which is very appreciated and welcomed, will certainly be spent in shopping during the upcoming sales and short trips around Perth and its beautiful surroundings such as my journey to Rottnest Island. Thank you!


Carolayn from Colombia – Diploma of Management


I’m so excited for being the winner term 3 2015!! We had a very busy shopping afternoon! It was an amazing sunny day plenty of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, etc.!

Now I’m more than ready for my next Diploma!


Tereza from Czech Republic – Certificate IV in Small Business Management            

Tereza - $500 prize winner                                                                       

Thank you so much Sterling Business College. I am planning to purchase cosmetics and accessories for my mother because without her support, I wouldn’t have been able to experience Australia and win this great prize. Also I am planning to purchase small gifts for my friends and hopefully I´ll have enough left for something for myself!


Michaela from Czech Republic- Certificate III in Travel


At this moment I am studying my second term of Certificate III in Travel, which I would recommend to everybody who loves to travel and would like to work in this great industry :-). When I received the phone call from SBC and heard that I won the prize of $500, I could not believe it. It was really great surprise –  thank you Sterling Business College! I spent the money on my trip to Sydney, which was amazing and I enjoyed it a lot!  So advice for you?  Be always on time, attend 100{1c7b6d83316eb318d0665fe52f16bf7aca3a39e9509619f6b1aa47d993b01f12} of your classes and with little bit of luck you will be the next winner ! 🙂


Kimi from Germany- Certificate III in Design Fundamentals

Kimi 1

I am so happy about the prize. When I started with Sterling College, I was wondering how studying would be, as I know of many institutes providing studies that are not valuable. But as Sterling College provides a friendly and valued study environment, I was always happy to attend my classes. The opportunity to even win a prize when attending classes, is so great and I am really thankful that I won the prize. It was the best Christmas gift ever! This was so much needed and will be so useful for building my future in Australia. Thank you, Sterling College!


Joyce from Mauritius – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care


When I got a call from Sterling Business college, I was very excited, because  I was the winner of the participation prize draw. It was the biggest surprise for this year. I have spent the $500 gift voucher in school fees and had fun at the Royal show. Big Thanks to Sterling Business College.

Best of luck to the next winner.


Kate from Thailand – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

I feel very happy and grateful in receiving this prize from Sterling Business College, and I would like to thank you for choosing me. This money will help pay my fees in next term.


Martina from Italy – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care


It was an unexpected surprise and all I had to do was attend class!!!

Best gift ever…and lots of shopping!


Amy from Australia – Certificate II in Community Services (Childcare focus)


Last Term I studied Cert 2 in Children’s Services.

For attending all classes on time and staying till the end I was awarded a $500 gift voucher that I spent on a Nikon SLR camera.   I have always being interested in photography, and now I can indulge my passion with my new amazing Nikon SLR camera. I am planning on capturing sunsets at the beach and many more. Thank you so much Sterling Business College for giving me this amazing gift and putting me on the right path.

All the best of luck to everyone else at the College, follow your dreams to great success.


Monelle from France – Certificate IV in Design

I have been studying Graphic Design at Sterling Business College for a year now.


Until now, studying at home wasn’t easy. I used to sit at the kitchen table with my notebooks and pencils, while my housemates were busy preparing dinner. They got pretty annoyed as apparently doing my homework was getting in the way of their cooking. Also, it can get quite messy around here and I lost a few good ideas to olive oil damage.

But everything changed when I won the $500 gift voucher. Today I am the proud owner of a desk and all the accessories I need to store and display my stuff and get on with my studies. Another step towards getting pro.

So a big thank you to the College for changing our lives for the best!


Ingrid from Malaysia – Diploma of Management

I would like to thank Sterling Business College for having chosen me as the lucky winner for the attendance participation competition. I’ve bought a Samsung Tab2 10inch for my mother’s birthday with the $500 gift voucher.

Once again thanks very much Sterling Business College.


Taylor from Australia – Certificate III in Business Administration

I have just completed my course at SBC and now I have time to travel to New Zealand to visit my family and do some sightseeing. Thanks to Sterling Business College for my $500 prize. I was so excited to win.Those early starts were well worth it!
Mariana from Brazil – Diploma of Management

I was not expecting to be the lucky winner of the Participation Prize Draw, and the $500 prize meant that I could buy myself a laptop which will be of great use for my studies and also my personal life. I would like to thank Sterling Business College for this opportunity.
Oliver  from Australia – Certificate IV in Design

I have always wanted to own an iPad and now thanks to Sterling Business College that is now a reality. I was extremely ecstatic when I was told I had won the $500 gift voucher as my wallet was stolen on the same day!I now use my iPad for music, films and being a graphic design student I find it very helpful with research for new inspiration and ideas.Thanks Sterling Business College!
Nikki  from Australia – Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales)
I have been looking for this awesome dinner set for ages, but could not afford it. And then out of nowhere the $500 gift voucher from the College made it all possible!! I have also bought some nice towels, cutlery and other things.I am now one step closer to being ready when the time comes to move out of my parent’s home and live with my partner. Thank you so much Sterling Business College for this amazing gift!
Taciana from Brazil – Certificate IV in Small Business Management

Taciana on jettyI want to say thankyou to Sterling College for the opportunity to win this prize. I used the prize to purchase an IPAD because at the moment I need to study and talk with my family in Brazil and see what is going on in my country and I can take pictures, listen music, study, read books wherever I want, it is really accessible.THANK YOU STERLING BUSINESS COLLEGE!

Winner Term 4 2011

Joseph  from Trinidad – Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales)

I used the $500 prize winnings to purch ase computer accessories, headphones, keyboard & mouse, web cam, desktop microphone and I Tunes Music vouchers because I love my music.

I would like to thank Sterling Business College for the opportunity to win this prize and am very grateful to have won.

I’m looking forward to attending the next term at Sterling Business College and I would also encourage others to aim for a chance to be in the draw to win.

Winner Term 3 2011

Patricia  from Peru – Certificate III in Children’s Services

Patricia Huanuco

My name is Patricia and I want to say thanks to Sterling College for giving me the $500 incentive.  I had the most wonderful holiday doing what I like best:  shopping, watching movies, eating out and bowling.

Now that classes have started again I want to tell the other students that the prize is exciting but also it is important to gain valuable experience.

Dear friends I encourage you to be winners!  The next $500 is waiting for you.

Winner Term 2 2011

Chanel from Australia – Certificate III in Children’s Services

Chanel Muil - Peter Alexander

I love shopping and especially when all the sales are on! I’ve spent my $500 prize money on clothing and make-up for my holiday in December.  I’m going to New York and Canada for a few months, and with temperatures below freezing at that time of year, I’ve bought enough warm winter clothing for my time over there. Thank you so much for the vouchers.

Winner Term 1 2011

Andrea from Slovak Republic – Certificate III in Business Administration

Andrea with snake

I used the voucher for a trip, Perth to Exmouth.  I saw a lot of things during the trip and did lots as well.  I found the most challenging was abseiling 25m; also holding a python, swimming with a manta ray and watching dolphins feeding.  I spent a great week and met a lot new friends.  I pushed myself to do the things which I never thought I would be able to do.  Thank you to Sterling Business College.

Winner Term 4 2010

Paula from Columbia – Certificate IV in Marketing

Paula Giraldo Puerto Bali

In January I spent my holidays in Bali, Indonesia called the “Island of the Gods”. It is the kind of place where there are so many different things to do from visiting beautiful temples, rice terraces, having a typical Balinese lunch in front of a volcano, rafting and snorkelling, crazy discotheques in Kuta, visiting an aquatic park, watching a cultural Balinese dance, enjoying a pleasant walk around Ubud, a quiet village full of art, yoga and health centres, and a big market where I bought beautiful and inexpensive souvenirs. I passed a fun week in this great place, where the people have a remarkable ability to balance pleasure and devotion in their lives. Thanks to Sterling Business College because winning the $500 meant I could do this unforgettable trip.

Winner Term 3 2010

Ayumi  from Japan – Certificate IV in Marketing


Hi, my name is Ayumi and I’m from Japan. I’m studying certificate IV in Marketing at Sterling Business College. There is a good environment here to study, with a lot of international students from all over the world, the experienced and friendly lecturers and the helpful staff. I’m looking forward to my next term.

When I got a call from the College, I needed time for a while to realize that I won the $500 voucher! I bought an outdoor jacket, camera equipment and some goods for my travels to Alice Springs. I spent a great time in the outback with my new gear and I’ll never forget it! I would like to say thank you Sterling Business College for such a wonderful gift.

Winner Term 2 2010

Desislava from Bulgaria – Certificate IV in Business

Desislava & Partner & Friends on Bridge

Hi everybody! My name is Desislava and I am from Bulgaria. I just finished my Certificate IV in Business in Sterling Business College and I can’t wait for the new semester to start! The great environment in the college, the friendly staff, the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, the unique chance to be taught by high educated teachers are the things which make your stay in Australia and study in Sterling Business College unforgettable! When I was called by the college and said I had won the $500 voucher I couldn’t believe it! It took me a few days to realise that I really had won the prize money. Part of the money I put towards my new hobby – cooking! I had enough money to try many new and different recipes. The other part of the money I spent buying all necessities for a great weekend away with friends in the amazing Karri Valley resort, Pemberton WA. I would like to say THANK YOU STERLING BUSINESS COLLEGE for helping my dreams come true!

Winner Term 1 2010

Maria Cristina from Colombia – Certificate IV in Community Services Work

Attendance Award Maria with her purchases

Being an international student has meant that I have not been able to do a lot of things I used to do at home. Winning the prize and having my qualification now means I have the resources and new “free time” to do some of the other activities I love such as get a job I like doing and shopping.

I have just completed my Certificate IV in Community Services Work and I am planning to apply for jobs related to that area, making the most of the knowledge I gained at Sterling Business College and my previous professional experience. I spent part of the prize buying appropriate clothes for job interviews and for the work environment. That will give me the professional presentation and confidence for success in the employment market, to improve my life and do what I really feel useful doing. With the other part of the prize I bought some presents as a “thank you” for the support that has been given to me day by day by my family who is in my country, Colombia, and my husband who is here with me, working together for a better future and an enjoyable present.

I would like to thank Sterling Business College and my lecturers Lee and Emma for sharing their valuable experience and knowledge with their students with patience and openness. Finally, as a popular phrase in my country says, remember that a good professional is not made by the school but by the good student.”

Winner Term 4 2009

Petr Simek from Czech Republic – Certificate III in Tourism

petr on his camping trip down south in Esperance

I studied Certificate III in Tourism. Tourism and travelling is my life. I shared voucher with my girlfriend. We spent money in Rays Outdoors. We bought some fishing and camping equipment such as new shoes, sleeping bag, knives, headlight.

We took our new equipment for our travelling and camping to some national parks around Esperance and for deep sea fishing. Everything is very handy. Now we are going to move, travel and work back to New Zealand. After NZ we are going to North India and Nepal. We enjoy our life and independent adventure as you can see from the pictures.