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Sterling Business College – Adelaide is situated in the heart of Adelaide, the cosmopolitan coastal capital of South Australia. Its ring of parkland on the River Torrens is home to renowned museums such as the Art Gallery of South Australia, displaying expansive collections including noted Indigenous art, and the South Australian Museum, devoted to natural history. The city’s Adelaide Festival is an annual international arts gathering with spin-offs including fringe and film events.


The city of Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny weather for most of the year. Most people find summers in Adelaide very pleasant because of the low humidity.

Adelaide is bursting with culture, flavours, events and entertainment. Taste your way through world-famous wine regions only minutes away from the city.


Living costs in Adelaide can vary, depending upon where and how you decide to live.  TheInsider Guides Cost of Living Calculator is a great tool to help estimate your cost of living.


It is easy to get around the city and suburbs with Adelaide’s public transport system – Adelaide Metro. It’s safe and includes:

  • Extensive bus, tram and train networks servicing the entire Adelaide metropolitan area
  • Discounted tickets for international students
  • Free buses and trams in Adelaide’s city centre
  • Frequent daytime services and safe after-midnight services
  • Availability of taxi and ride-sharing services

The best and most affordable way to use Adelaide’s public transport system is to use a MetroCARD which you can recharge online, or at a variety of shops.

To find out all about Adelaide’s environment, attractions, lifestyle and much more, follow the link to South Australia